Remember Rachel

Hello readers,

Rachel Corrie

Rachel is one of those young ladies
beautiful inside and out

Once a young girl
knew along that she cares about the people
In college, yet old enough to volunteer her time
she went to visit Gaza

With other activists
she protested for resources
for those having homes demolished

She lived with these people
learning the culture
writing her thoughts

But Israel doesn't care
if she's American, she's protesting for Palestinians
they ran over and killed her
with a bulldozer

We will remember the injustice
but more than that
we will remember Rachel
for the work she's done, the love she has
as her spirit lives on

I guess we all have a little Rachel Corrie in us
we just have to be more active
fighting for her and the Palestinians.

{written 2:00 p.m. Aug 28, 2012}


Fida Islaih

This poem is now published in Her Olives