A Mother's Touch

Hello readers,

This pieces was inspired by a storm.

A Mother's Touch

It starts storming
and you wake up, startled
you hide under your blanket
and cover your ears
hoping either the storm will pass
or you will fall back to sleep

Neither happens
you take deep breaths and make dua'
your mom wakes up, thinking of you
and comes to your room

You move over
and she hugs you
giving you a rub until you fall asleep

She stays by you until morning comes
and you thank her
and you both thank God.

{written around 4:50 a.m. Jun 30, 2012}

-written by Fida Islaih
(all writing is mine and is copyrighted)


Masha Allah, very nice Fida!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful and comforting.