Book Review - Moving Across the Globe

Hello readers,

I recently read Habibi by Naomi Shibab Nye. Habibi is Arabic for my love or darling. One would think it is about a romance brewing, but instead, it is about the mixed feelings of moving out of the country. Liyana, the main character, and her family move from America to Palestine.

Before arriving in Palestine, there is another trip. The family had a stop in New York and went sightseeing. The father shares stories of when he arrived years ago.

Soon enough they arrive in Palestine and on that same day they meet their relatives. Within one country are many different cultures and one gets to see it play a role in the family's life.

Liyana finally finds a friend, yet it is a boy, a Jewish boy. One would think trouble will brew, but another barrier is broken. As one reads on, one sees modern mixed with the old and the simple life Palestinians live.

One could notice the little things like the shops, food, and dessert. If one tried the food before and gets pleased easily, one might drool. Parts of the book will give humbling feelings for the Bedouins, refugees, and of things that happen. The book is more about hugs and kisses than gunshots.

It makes one want to go to Palestine. Finally, this book should be picked up if one wants to learn about a different culture.

thank you,
Fida Islaih

(all writing is mine and is copyrighted)