Wed Rant: Angels

Assalamu Alaikum sisters!

I hope you are all excited for a new year coming. But don't forget that angels are watching...

Recently I was listening to a lecture, I forget by who, but it was about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). One thing mention that popped out to me was this: "Don't walk in your house naked, there are creatures (the angels) inside your house."

So my mind hit scattered thinking. Back to the prophet's story. Remember when he was in the cave? And angel Jibreel came to him. Our Prophet didn't know it was the angel. He thought it was a jinn. And you know he rushed to Khadejjah's arms, asking for comfort: telling the story. She then did an experiment. When she took of her hijab, the presence went away and when she put it back on it came back.

See? Angels know and understand modesty.

So then I thought of myself. At times I forget to take off my hijab, but I know it's there. And so when I heard this I was thinking maybe that's why. Anyways, when I come home- even if all the fam was out, we say Salaam. We acknowledge the angels.

So keep them in mind, if they know modesty and show it, we should do the same.

I hope you took something out of this and if you didn't, search my blog for angel. You'll find a couple of poems. Thank you for reading! Till Friday, peace!


Laila said…
Thanks for the entry it makes me think about it, and I also say Salam even if the house is empty, when I come in and when I come out :)

Angela Brown said…
This actually gives me a different perspective in regards to angels.
Fida Islaih said…
@Laila: it's always great to say/hear salaam. And you're welcome! (:

@Angela: I'm glad to have given you a new perspective (:
Anonymous said…

Great reminder...especially to say salaam when you walk into your home even if no one is there. Modesty should be something that is ingrained within us. Even if no one is around (aside from the Angels) we should also be mindful that Allah (swt) is there. I can't remember the hadith exactly (I tried to find it...but I couldn't)...but I remember a story of a sahabah (I think it was Uthman ra...but not sure) that would cover his awrah even when he was alone because of the presence of Allah (swt).

May Allah (swt) increase our haya'. Ameen.
Fida Islaih said…
@SippingChai: Welcome to my blog! Ameen {to your dua}! And thank you! (: