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Hello readers,


I get no break
I have no escape
except in my thoughts
blocking everything out
and thinking of Allah.

I have no escape
unless I find silence
and stay there

like in nature
seeing, feeling
makes me calm
and helps me find my peace.

In Allah, is my only refuge.

(written Sept 20, 11)

thank you,


Elisa said…
Masha'Allah, this is WONDERFUL!!!
Today, my nephews and I had a blue balloon that we wanted to set free in the sky and when we did I kept looking at the balloon as it made it's way up and up and up. . .it was during that moment just looking up at the beautiful sky and seeing how tiny the balloon was getting that I found so much peace and it made me feel so much closer to the Creator. What a lovely moment!
Fida Islaih said…
That made me smile. Subhan'Allah! Thank you (-:
This is beautifully written, I have loved reading your poetry since following your blog :)

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Anonymous said…
Salam alayki fida, deep words. Hard 2 find peace or have a quiet moment days. Truly peace and contentment is with Allah. Thank you for sharing your words.
Unknown said…
Assalamualeiki dear sis!!
Jazakillahu khairan for another amazingly inspiring poem! May Allah subhanahuwa Ta'ala protect you and bless you and give you more barakah in your life, ameen.

Your sister in Denmark, The Creative Muslimah
Anonymous said…
Lovely to read you again Fida - your poem express the true way to find peace in this busy world - getting closer to God is the only place where we can freely breath, knowing we are protected.
Stay well!
Fida Islaih said…
@Saadyia and @Sanaa: thank you! (:

@TheCreativeMuslimah: Aww... thanks! May Allah bless you, too! (:

@Marie: thank you!

I'm glad all of you enjoy my writing! Stay tuned (:
-fida xx