Monday Blessings #5: A Big Thanks!

Hello readers,

Thanks SisWhoSmiles and Zara for the best online birthday wishes!! You are two people I would LOVE to meet (:

Usually you would get to read a poem from me, but recently I've lost my touch to find inspiration anywhere. Insha'Allah, though, I'll have it back.

For now, a poem by Zara dedicated to me as part of her special b-day message to me:

A beautiful sister who writes such beautiful poetry,
Just through her words opens the beauty of her heart,
It unfolds the messages, the meanings, And simplicity of her mind,
One can not compare the thoughts that appear so kind.

She unravels the importance of her life-
Through signficant meanings of Islam,
Each word touches the readers soul,
Forever there for the world to unfold.

Thanks again!! ((:



Zara A said…
Aww Masha'Allah thats so sweet of you sister! Your very welcome!
Insha'Allah I'm sure you'll get your sense of inspiration back! I always get that feeling but it'll go =)

Love u lots xx
Fida Islaih said…
@Zara: Love you, too! I promise you my poetry will still be awesome for you to read.