Poetry Tuesday: Hidden Sentence

Hello Poetteers,

Poetry is great at sending messages. It is like a puzzle when interpreting it. Sometimes it is a puzzle in a different way. It may have hidden sentences.


Poetry creates an imagE
One line or many are used to express their hate and loVE
Even though it may sound hard, but let youR
heart guide you to how and whY
Together you'll feel lighT
Reading by you and others Help learn and inspire.
You'll fill with prIde.
In your mind, things are inspiriNg
So let yourself Go

Stay inspired,

For instructions to make your own, download the poetry puzzles guide


Favourite line: So let yourself Go <3 Adore this and you, Fida (: <3
Fida Islaih said…
Aww... Thanks ;))
Muslimah said…
"Poetry is everything" Nice way of portraying that, I tried to do that once... didn't work...
It's really thoughtful :