Monday's Melody: Hijab

Hello readers,

Tear Stained Hijab

I cry...
for my faith needing to stay united,
for people who think down of Muslims.

I cry and hope
one day they'll understand
and respect.

For I smile knowing...
I have sisters by me,
covered to protect and be free;

I smile one day
people around me will finally know
my reason.

(written Dec. 7, 2010)


Nina said…
I really like this poem. :)
It's really empowering. It's really sad how Muslim brothers and sisters haven't been united lately (as in countries).
But hopefully, Inshallah, like you said, people will understand the greatness behind Islam.
There's a reason behind everything in Islam.
Take care, sis. <3
Fida Islaih said…
Thank you so much. I feel like from the past poems I've written to todays poems that I have really added emotion. I'm glad it's going well. About the poem, insha'allah one day things will change for the better.
Zara A said…
Masha'Allah, this poem is absoulutely beautiful! It has such strong meaning behind it and purpose. Aminah has already explained the amazing content. Sister Fida your poetry is so amazingg it's uplifting! This stuff should be published into like a real poetry book. I would surely cherish each piece.
Sorry I haven't commented lately, just managed to catch up with your great posts. Loving the new blog look.
Keep an eye out for mine as I should have a new post coming as well as I've changed the whole look as I've given it a makeover for 2011 and insha'Allah I intend to keep it that way.

Keep the posts coming,
M'salaam x
Nina said…
The best part of a poem is its emotional level, and you've done really great with all your poems in this aspect. ^_^
By the way, I forgot to mention this, but your blog layout looks fresh! I really like it.
Fida Islaih said…
@Aminah I'm touched (^_*) Thanks again!

@Zara Know I'm really touched! I'm glad I'm able to write such strong, emotional, yet uplifting poems at times.

Really!?! I should have it published? I better start looking for a poetry publisher since I have such amazing sisters and fans.

I'll be writing & waiting,
salaams x