Feb 2018

Lexi Vranick featured me on her site for The Power of Fiction series.

Oct 2017

Isabelle Kenyon had interviewed me over on her website.

Sept 2017

I was interviewed on Julie's blog.

Feb 2017

I was interviewed on Rebeca's Poet Connection.

Dec 2016

For my last piece, I featured bonjourclem on Dream On Youth.

I reviewed Zootopia on Dream On Youth.

I featured the Kula Project on Dream on Youth.

My poem, I'm From Malaysia, is published in Rambutan Literary's Issue Three.

I share a reflection on being a Muslim during Christmas over on Dream on Youth.

Nov 2016

I share a reflection on gratitude over on Dream On Youth.

I feature Kathleen Tandy on Dream On Youth.

Get to know me over on Dream On Youth.

I review Broken People by Muddy Magnolias on Dream On Youth.

Oct 2016

I am an intern writer for Dream On Youth!

Feb 2016

My Poem, Sky Full of Stars, featured on MYNA Moments.

May 2015

Laura A Lord featured me on her blog.

Feb 2014

My book release is celebrated with an interview on Patricia Lynne's blog.

August 2013

I have a mini feature and a poem in the August/Ramadan issue of MuslimahGirl magazine.

July 2013

I have a guest post about my writing journey on Saba's blog.

June 2013

I'm back on DiversifYA again, this time talking about what it's like to grow up with a muscle disability!

The spring edition of the New Dawn Magazine is out and I have a mini poem published in it!

May 2013

New on the DiversifYA blog, the first of two awesome interviews. Get to know what it's like being a Palestinian Malaysian American.

January 2013

Teen Ink magazine's website published two poems and gave my poem, Love Letter, an 'Editor's Choice' award!

May 2012

I got my poem, Lost in Existience, published in my school 2012 Literary Magazine:
"How can one feel disconnected from their own existence?
We all wish to pinpoint why we feel the way we do
but we can't right away..."

March 2012

At school I was interviewed about Syria. A week later I'm featured in my school newsmagazine, N the Red, under the article "Students Speak Thier Minds On The Middle East"

November 2011

In my school newsmagazine, N the Red, I'm mentioned and photographed for the article, iPad Lab:
"In her 5th period class, senior Fida Islaih types her notes and homework assignments on her iPad. She has used her iPad for educational organization for almost a year."
April 2011

Ummah Reads published my poem, Reading.

September 2010

The Guiding Friends published my poem, Inspired by Muhammed (pbuh).

June 2010

I Got It Covered, published my article, 'In The Shade of a Friday Khutbah'.

January 2010

I Got It Covered, published my poem, 'We Wear the Hijab'.

September 2009

I'm published for the first time! The Muslim Girl Net published my poem, My Family is Global.


Sussu said...

These are great accomplishments.

Satyavathi V said...

wow thats quiet an acoomplishment you got.Great going :)