Hello readers,

I'm Fida Islaih, a poet encourager and editor for women poets who define themselves as a believer and closet poet. Share your journey through poetry, so that you don't feel alone.

I'm the one behind PoetteerChat. PoetteerChat is a weekly twitter chat every Wednesday at 7 pm EST. We cover different topics about poetry from challenges to hacks. The chat ends with a poetry prompt. Sometimes we have guests or the whole chat will be a poetry writing section. I've seen the chat give clarity to participants and push them to try something new. You are welcome to request topics for future chats. 

When I first learned about poetry in 7th grade, I was introduced to the different poetry forms. The structure and rhyme deterred me away from poetry. A year later I was reintroduced to poetry in a different way. The poetry we read and assigned to write was free verse and free from rhyme. I enjoyed writing the poems that I did for the assignments I continued writing outside of the assignments. Sometimes you need to give something a second chance to see if you truly dislike or like it. I want to give you that second chance.

Poetry is there as hope during hardship and to see beauty in the ordinary. It is a message to keep going day by day in life. I write to ease my heart and to ease the hearts of others. I write poetry to clear my mind from confusion, it's therapy and my breath of air. My faith, my experiences, and love for nature is the foundation of my poetry.

Poet. Muslim. This is a blog of my poetry and my reflections. I am the author of several poetry books and creator of poetry prompts

May you enjoy the journey and find peace. Stay inspired.


Anonymous said...

I love reading on your blog! Also your drawings and ideas for books are awesome! InshaAllah you will complete all your goals, Ameen.

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

Assalaam alaikum sister Fida,, I just came across your blog and it's wonderful! keep up the lovely work! =)

Arva said...

Assalamu 'Alaikum Sr.Fida,

I, like Zainab, came upon your site. I absolutely love your poetry! :)


Shakira said...

I love ur blog,I love poems too and most times I think of writing them and stories too.Sometimes,I do and sometimes I don't.I like that you are also a proud hijabi,may ALLAH keep us steadfast on the deen. Pls,I'd like to know if I can copy things from ur blog and put them in magazines (or just write them down so I'd remember them) while giving you credit for them. Jaza khum lah khairan.Pls,send your answer to my mail-toyolusat4u@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! I found it through Teens Can Write Too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for popping into my blog...brought me here. Love what I have found...would like to stay in touch.