Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review of UVC

Hello readers,

I read this book when I got the ARC for a review (I apologize for no poem). Before I get to that here's the purple-mazing cover and blurb! 

Ultraviolet Catastrophe book blurb: Quantum Electrodynamics. String Theory. Schrödinger's cat. For sixteen-year-old Lexie Kepler, they’re just confusing terms in her science textbooks, until she finds out that her parents have been drugging her to suppress her outrageous IQ. Now BranstonAcademy, a school run by the world’s most powerful scientists, has tracked her down and is dying for her to attend - as a research subject. 

She takes refuge at Quantum Technologies, a secret scientific community where her father works as a top-notch scientist, and begins her new life as “girl genius” at Quantum High. But the assignments at her new school make the Manhattan Project look like preschool - and Lexie barely survived freshman algebra.

Her first big assignment – creating an Einstein-Rosen bridge – is also her first chance to prove she can hold her own with the rest of QT's prodigies. But while working with the infuriatingly hot Asher Rosen, QT’s teen wonder, Lexieuncovers a mistake in their master equation. Instead of a wormhole, the machine they’re building would produce deadly ultraviolet rays that could destroy the world.  

When the lead scientist on their project turns up as apopsicle in the cryo chamber, Lexie learns that the “mistake” in the equation is actually a carefully crafted plan to sabotage Quantum Technologies. And all signs point to BranstonAcademy being the culprit. Now Lexie and Asher have to use their combined brainpower to stop Branston from stealing the plans and selling the doomsday device to the highest bidder, before everyone at QT is caught in the ultraviolet catastrophe.

My Review: Weeks after reading UVC I'm still thinking of it. Lexie proved to herself and her new friends that she is strong. I could relate to her. I love the relationships she has. 

I was pulled in and on my seat at the first page wondering along with the MC about what's going on. I feel sad and angry along with her when she talked to her dad. I have to say I kind of can relate to her on that. I'm not just feeling the MC, but her mom too. I'm glad we have clues. There is some what of a love triangle that I love. I want to see how both and all relationships go. You can't forget all the projects going on. There are twists you wouldn't even expect.  I almost cried during some parts. I feel like I'm a part of what they are doing. It's scary what they are doing and brave. It's sad to see people turn on you. Last but not least, you'll love the references. 

About the author Jamie Grey: Jamie Grey spent most of her childhood writing stories about princesses who saved the day and pretending to be a daring explorer. It wasn’t until much later that she realized she should combine the two. Now, as a tech-obsessed gamer geek, her novels mix amazing scientific developments, future worlds, and the remarkable characters that live in them.
Jamie lives in Michigan with her significant other and their pets, who luckily tolerate her overspending on tea, books, and video games. You can learn more about her at, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nerd Blog Hop

Hello readers,

I just found out about Cassie Mae and the book coming out this week sounds awesome! I decided to participate in her blog hop. In Fida style, it's in a poem. Enjoy!

You could say 
a love of reading books
could be nerdy
that writing books
could be nerdier 

But what about
loving to do math
loving a challenge 

Now that is nerdy
all that is a part of me
loving faith! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Last Day of Tour & WEP

Hello readers, 

It's the last day of the A TO Z POETRY blog tour :( But we have two great stops to end the week. I have a guest post on Medeia's blog and a feature on Mindworks Publishing

Also today is the write...edit...publish blog hop. The theme for this month is... Moving On. 
I'm moving on
I've been stuck in writing poems
and doing nothing about it
but this year proved wrong
as I learned about self publication
prepared a poetry collection
prepared it for publication
yesterday it was published

I'm moving on
already making plans
for another poetry 
collection publication

I'm moving on
finally put an MS away
to work on a new idea
and I'll let it, make it last longer 
than any other idea
cuz I'm moving on. 

Thank you and love,  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Release Day

Hello readers!!
I'm crying, I'm laughing. I want a whole tub of ice cream. I published my book today. Yup it's released! You can see a sample and buy it on Smashwords!

Thank you so much to those who supported me, pushed me and taught me!! 

I love you all, 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog Tour Day 3

Hello readers, 

It's day two and I'm over at not one, but two blogs! I'm on Jen's blog for her weekly segment, Writers on Wednesday. I was also interviewed for StoryDamGo on over and check them out! 

But then come back because it's What's up Wednesday!

What I'm Reading 

I started reading Fangirl this past weekend and this coming weekend I hope to finish it. 

What I'm Writing

I'm working on two new projects. WIP3 and a secret project. I also have a short story for a contest up on Wattpad. 

What Else I've Been Up To

I'm revising DECIDING HIJAB and WHICHEVER TUNES. A TO Z POETRY is going to be releasing tomorrow!

And if you were on Nicole's blog you may have seen my announcement of another poetry collection. I'm compiling the poems for it. Samples of most of my projects will be on Wattpad soon. 

What Inspires Me Right Now

That I have lots of projects, writing related which I shared and non-writing related which isn't, that I'm excited about. There is five days left in the cover art contest for DAMSEL DISTRESSED.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blog Tour Day 2

Hello readers!

It's day two and I'm over at Saba's blog for the second stop! She did a review of my poetry collection! Go on over and check it out!

Thank you and love, 

P.S. Besides my own book coming out on Thursday and UVC by Jamie Grey coming out next week you should check out the awesome books that are releasing today!

Monday, September 16, 2013

'A to Z Poetry' Cover Process

Hello readers, 

Today is the first day of the blog tour! I'm staying here on my blog to share the cover process. I thought since it's about my poetry I should compile a collage as the cover, but blur it for the text.

I liked it and thought I would use it, but after awhile it didn't feel right. 

Someone told me they wanted me to use a picture of myself since the poems were about me. I chose a good picture from camping and turned it black and white. 

I thought to keep it simple and keep the text to the left. 

It didn't look right. I changed it to the right. 

It still didn't look right. There was too much space. I adjusted the words and the colors. I made my cover!

And there you have it! I hope it was good! Love, 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Day of Poetry Blogfest

Hello readers, 

It's day five aka the last day. Your challenge is simple today. Look out your window and write a poem about the view. Enjoy!

Bright blue sky
sun finished it's colorful sunrise 
view blocked by houses
some with big trees 
and beautiful gardens
some blooming
getting ready for Autumn. 

Later today after making sure everyone does the challenge I will be picking four poems I loved to put in the special feature section of my soon to be published poetry collection!! You can join the chat here: #azpoetrybooktour

And be sure to link up if you haven't already!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poetry Blogfest Day 4

Hello readers, 

It's the fourth day of the poetry blogfest!! Today's challenge is to look at an art piece and really think about it, write a poem. Enjoy!

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection. Join me here#azpoetrybooktour

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WUW & Poetry Blogfest Day 3

Hello readers!

What I'm Reading: I finished the LOVE, TINK series. I finished reading CNV and Speak and attempted at reading Wintergirls. You can find my reviews on Goodreads. 

What I'm Writing: My WIP, WHICHEVER TUNES and a short story. 

What Else I've Been Up To: Today is day three of the poetry blogfest!! Your challenge is to open the dictionary, pick a word and write an acrostic poem. Good luck and have fun! (These challenges are what's inspiring me right now!)

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection (with your permission of publication, of course)! Enjoy!

Btw, here is the hashtag to use for this week's blogfest and next week's tour: #azpoetrybooktour

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Poetry Blogfest Day 2

Hello readers and welcome to day two of the blogfest! Today's challenge is...

Found Poetry: pick a random page from the book you're about to read/are reading/or just finished and find some words in it to make poetry. 

Since it's Tuesday I think we should have some more fun and have a two for Tuesday day. The other challenge is...

Magazine poem: get a magazine and find words to create a poem.

Come over
ruin the party
take me prisoner 
I don't care 

(cuz my laugh 
is loud enough 
for those who love 
to hear)

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection (with your permission of publication, of course)! Enjoy!

Btw, here is the hashtag to use for this week's blogfest and next week's tour: #azpoetrybooktour

Monday, September 9, 2013

Poetry Blogfest Day 1

Hello readers and welcome to day one of my poetry blogfest in support of my first book, a poetry collection! It's titled A TO Z POETRY and comes out Sept 19, 2013!

Today's challenge is Spine Poetry: use the spines of your stack of books to make poetry.

Here is an example (:
Every soul a star
cuz girls in pants
are my sister's keeper
keeping faith
in more than nineteen minutes. 

And another (:
Missing since Monday
The sisterhood of the traveling pants 
my Habibi 
so farewell to Manzanar 
in full tilt.

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection (with your permission of publication, of course)! Enjoy!

P.S. If you haven't already add your blog to the linky list. Thanks! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's up Wednesday, IWSG & Cover Reveal

Hello readers!! It is IWSG day and I may or may not have something, yet I planned today to be a special day. Onto What's up Wednesday!
What I've been reading? I finished UVC! I'm in the middle of reading the LOVE, TINK series.

What I've been writing? My new WIP! This goes with both questions, I'm reading the Smashwords style guide for the upcoming publication of my poetry collection!!

What Else I've Been Up To? It's the day you've been waiting for (more than the date reveal)!! The cover reveal...

P.S. Be sure to check out Saba's blog today because she's helping with the reveal and so is Sania Heba (: