Friday, December 30, 2011

Faith Friday: Time

Assalamu Alaikum sisters!

Before I get to today's post, I have to that Saba from Thoughts and Words gave me an award, a superstar award! We, of course, have to pass it on to five more bloggers, but who? You'll find out in a later post.

So back to the post, if you were on my twitter you would have seen that earlier this week i've been watching Nova videos. One of them were 'The Illusion of Time'.

And I have some random and scattered notes for you:

-To this river time is a flow, moving in one direction, to the future.
-We look for repetition 
-What is time? What are we measuring?
-Time controls our life
-"Time for me may not be the same time for you." {think of death}.

-I may not moving through space, but I am moving through time
-moving through space affects the passage of time 
-Just snapshots: unfolding of moments
-think of a loaf of bread... your motion affects your thinking of the 'now'.
-maybe frozen river. Every moment locked. 
-the person farther away thinks it's slow while the one close by thinks it's fast. For example the one on earth has lots of time passing by. The one by the black hole has little time going by.

Things move from order to disorder
-throwing a book
-egg cracking
-ice melting

They didn't say after an order disorder will always come. It's saying for each activity. And for us: things goes easy, then we have a hardship, but in that hardship is ease. Do you see where I'm going? Just go watch the episode. One day, you'll know.

The universe is expanding, accelerating. And at moment it will collapse on itself. When it does, there won't be matter and time will end.  

And for us: the day of judgement and Jannah.

So ask yourself, think about it: How does it relate to what we know from the Quran? And have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wed Rant: Angels

Assalamu Alaikum sisters! I hope you are all excited for a new year coming. But don't forget that angels are watching...

Recently I was listening to a lecture, I forget by who, but it was about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). One thing mention that popped out to me was this: "Don't walk in your house naked, there are creatures (the angels) inside your house."

So my mind hit scattered thinking. Back to the prophet's story. Remember when he was in the cave? And angel Jibreel came to him. Our Prophet didn't know it was the angel. He thought it was a jinn. And you know he rushed to Khadejjah's arms, asking for comfort: telling the story. She then did an experiment. When she took of her hijab, the presence went away and when she put it back on it came back.

See? Angels know and understand modesty. 

So then I thought of myself. At times I forget to take off my hijab, but I know it's there. And so when I heard this I was thinking maybe that's why. Anyways, when I come home- even if all the fam was out, we say Salaam. We acknowledge the angels.

So keep them in mind, if they know modesty and show it, we should do the same.

I hope you took something out of this and if you didn't, search my blog for angel. You'll find a couple of poems. Thank you for reading! Till Friday, peace!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Blessings #9: Religion

Hello readers,

It's the day after christmas, 2 days left in Hanukkah, 4 days until New Year's Eve! I hope you're all stuffed with food and love; may it keep going on. We are in the middle of holidays and I think this post is perfect: Religion by Kate. It inspired me, but after I wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy both, thanks! (:

Why does religion have a name?

Islam means submission to God
and its follower, a Muslim,
follows Muhammad (pbuh) and his doings
dedicating time to worship God.

Judaism is for Jews
the relationship they created with God.

Christianity is for Christians
following the teachings of Jesus.

So why does religion have a name?
We all believe in the same God,
same angels and prophets...

We all interpret it in our own ways
yet I still don't know why religion has a name
and I don't care...

As long as I keep getting closer to God
and He accepts me.

(written on Dec 21, 11)

love, Fida