Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All Mighty Pen

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

Remember my poem, Part of Something? And how I entered in the mighty pen for the second time? Well this time, I'm the one that won the award!! (:

Btw, this is my last post for this week. Tomorrow I start my first day of my last year in high school! I will try to post on the weekends and of course Eid... and in September I'll post like I used to.

Till then, have a great last two weeks of Ramadan!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadan: Day Eleven

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,
I entered into my second mighty pen. You'd think it's another rare story by me but my mind was going down memory lane after yesterday's Iftar. Enjoy!

Part of Something

You don't understand!
I can't, I can't
just go up there
and be part of the group.

I'm a quiet girl
yes I'm familiar from classes
but what do I say

I'm not used to this,
only one on one
just leave me alone.

(written Aug 11, 11)

- by Fida Islaih
Prompt by I Take the Pen

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Blessings #8: Ramadan

Assalamu Alaikum sisters,

It's already week two of Ramadan. I haven't posted any poems last week, so following is a motivation poem:

Color My Path

{Look at the sunset,
all those beautiful colors
they don't change
just everyday but every moment;
they fade and new comes...}

{For you
let the stress and tears
fade away
and let the happiness and smiles
be your path.}


P.S. Remember my story, Angel Help. I wrote it as part of a contest Krista, at I take a Pen, was doing. I didn't win, but I did get honorable mention for my story being the most uplifting (when you click the link, scroll to the bottom to see what I mean.) Enjoy!

love, Fida

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angel Help- A Story

Angel Help

"Outside the rain fell like gray sheets over the world. Trees bent, kneeling to the force of the wind. In the distance, a brilliant blue flash of light broke the sky. Moments later the answering rumble of thunder rolled through the air.

I watched the storm through the glass window. My gratitude for the shield provided by my small home increased with the intensity of the storm. Another flash of lighting and the room plunged into darkness. This time the thunder shook the house.

Behind me I heard the eerie sound of a door creaking open. My blood ran cold. Slowly I turned..."

Slowly I turned to see no shadowy figure. Yet my cat kept on looking around and meowing. I remember learning that cats see not only better, but another dimension.

It got me thinking when a flash of light lit the doorway and I heard a voice. I still couldn't really see, but what I saw amazed me. It was wings of an angel.

"Peace be with you, daughter of Eve. You've been a good Muslim, but lately you went into a dip."

I stood there in shock, how does the angel know. As if it can read my mind he answers, "You know God knows everything. He sent the storm, much bigger, as a sign. And I'm hear to let you know that. Pray and I'll send it above."

I do start praying and soon the angel's gone.

-Flash fic by Fida Islaih

Prompt by I Take the Pen