Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sensations of Space

Hello readers,

In Creative Writing, we had to write a series of 10 short poems. Each of them about 3 lines long & written for 3 minutes. The tricky part we have to write about what our eyes fall on. Here's some of them.



White, brown, tan
All colors of love and peace
People, I love you
All for the sake of God.

People all around me
Some help, some hurt
But we're all here for the sake of God.



Throw all your worries away
Don't let it hold you down
Cuz baby, I love your smile.



A twister of life
Messing with your mind
Just let the little things pass
And it'll be alright.



time of my life
laugh and smile
All you want.


Angel Wings

Baby, you're my angel
take me away
to a place where
I can always smile.



I find every color
I need to wear
Holding outfits
Of three cultures.

thank you,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday's Blessings #3

Hello readers,

Y time with just mama Y spending great time talking and laughing with friends Y finally having a good day at school after a long while Y love how spring brings a large load of inspiration Y having readers/sisters who love me and my poetry.

stay inspired,